Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these courses approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology?

    Yes, each course we provide has been reviewed and accepted to meet the licensing requirements by the state of Florida's Board of Cosmetology.

  2. When do I have to complete my continuing education courses for license renewal?

    The Board of Cosmetology requires you complete your course requirement prior to the end of each renewal cycle. Learn the steps required to renew a Florida cosmetology license.

  3. What is a renewal cycle?

    A renewal cycle is mandated by the state as a date which all cosmetology licensure must be renewed. The date falls on October 31st every 2 years. If this is your first renewal, you must have your continuing education completed by the end of the next renewal cycle (even if the date falls before 2 years from your initial licensing, at the discretion of the state.) Your renewal period will not be more than 2 years from your licensure date. If you miss your renewal period, your license will become inactive. After your first renewal period, your license will renew every 2 years from that renewal date.

  4. What if I don't take my continuing education by my renewal date?

    Your license will become inactive until you complete your continuing ed requirements and pay your fees to the state. If it has been 2 years since your license has become delinquent, it will be null and void and you will not be able to renew.

  5. How do I know what course I need to complete?

    Cosmetologists, Facial specialists, Full Specialists and Nail Technicians must complete the 16 hour continuing education course prior to the expiration of their license.

    Hair Braiders, Hair Wrappers & Body Wrappers must take the 2-hour HIV/AIDs update course prior to their license expiration.

    Anyone wishing to acquire a cosmetology license must take the 4-hour HIV/AIDs course for initial cosmetology licensure, as part of their cosmetology education requirement. Learn the steps required to acquire a Florida cosmetology license.

    Barbers have their own 2-hour HIV/AIDs continuing education course for license renewal. That course is the 2-Hour HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Course for Barbers and can be found here.

  6. What are the renewal fees?

    State Biennial (every 2 years) License Renewal Fee

    • Cosmetology = $55
    • Manicuring/Pedicuring/Nail Extensions = $55
    • Facials = $55
    • Hair Braiding = $30
    • Hair Wrapping = $30
    • Cosmetology Salons = $55
    • Specialty Salons = $55
    • Mobile Cosmetology Salons = $55
    • Body Wrapping = $30
    • Barber = $105
    • Restricted Barber = $105
    • Barbershop = $155
    • Barber Assistant = $25
    • The fees above includes a $5 unlicensed activity fee.
  7. What if I have not completed my continuing education?

    All licensees are required to complete the continuing education courses prior to the expiration of their license. You will not be permitted to work unless your license is currently active. If you have not paid the renewal fees and completed your continuing ed prior to your expiration date, your license will become inactive.

  8. I just need to fulfill the HIV/AIDs course requirement. Can I do that here?

    Yes, if you are applying for a Florida Cosmetology License or a Florida Facial or Nail Specialty Registration, we offer the 4-hour initial HIV/AIDS training online to fulfill your credit requirement for cosmetology licensure.

  9. Do I need the HIV/AIDS refresher course?

    If you are a licensed hair braider, hair wrapper or body wrapper, you need to complete the 2-hour HIV/AIDS update course every 2 years. Licensed barbers, barber's assistants and restricted barbers also need to complete the 2-hour HIV/AIDS continuing education course for Barbers.

  10. How do your courses work?

    Our courses have no timers, and our quizzes allow you unlimited attempts to pass. This makes it easier for you to stop and start your course, pass your quizzes and go back and review if you need to double check a question.

  11. Is your course open book?

    The course is online but can still be called "open book" because you are allowed to review the material at any point and can complete quizzes any amount needed to pass.

  12. What happens after I've completed my continuing ed requirement?

    We will electronically submit proof of your course completion information to the state. You will also have the option of downloading your certificate after you pass. Once the department gets your completion information, you should receive your license within 30 days.

  13. My license is currently inactive/delinquent. What do I do?

    You must complete your required continuing education course and submit your renewal fees for the current renewal cycle.

  14. I received a shortfall letter saying I have not completed my continuing education. What now?

    Select the course that is right for you, register and complete the material so we can submit your completion to the state right away. If you want to ensure your completion is sent to the state, you can take your certificate and send it to:

    Bureau of Education and Testing
    1940 North Monroe Street
    Tallahassee Florida 32399-1046
  15. How do I know if my state requirements meet Florida cosmetology training requirements?

    You can find a list of states with requirements equal to or exceeding Florida's at the following link. Note that if your state is not on this list but you have completed at least 1,200 hours of schooling and passed a written exam before receiving your license, you may still qualify for a licensure by endorsement.

  16. What type of training do I need to meet Florida endorsement requirements?

    Before receiving a license of any kind, whether endorsement or traditional, you will need to take and complete a state-approved Initial HIV/AIDS course. The course must be at least 4 hours in length and you must have completed it within two years before your application submission. You will need to submit the course completion certificate along with your application.

  17. Do I need to renew my endorsement license?

    If you are approved to receive an endorsement licensure, you will need to meet the requirements for renewal each renewal cycle, which is a two-year period. Part of that application process is continuing education. You can find out more information about that here: