Cosmetology License Pre-License and Continuing Education Courses

Florida Cosmetology Initial Licensure Training

4-Hour Florida Board of Cosmetology required training for initial cosmetology licensure. State of Florida approved HIV/AIDs course. More Details »

Florida Cosmetology License Renewal Continuing Education

This 10-hour course is for cosmetologists, specialists and nail technicians wishing to renew their license. Continuing Education Course #0501472 More Details »

Florida Barbers Online HIV/AIDS Initial and Renewal Training

Florida requires barbers, restricted barbers and barber assistants to complete a board-approved 2-hour HIV/AIDS course to become licensed or satisfy continuing education requirements. More Details »

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How many hours of training does Florida require for continuing education?

The state of Florida requires cosmetologists to complete a 10-hour continuing education course that includes at least:

  • One hour of training on HIV/AIDS & other communicable diseases.
  • Three hours of training on sanitation and sterilization.
  • 30 minutes of training on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.
  • 30 minutes of training on issues of workers' compensation related to Florida law.
  • Two hours of training on state and federal laws and rules related to cosmetologists, cosmetology, salons, specialists, specialty salons, and booth renters; specifically including but not limited to Chapter 477, F.S., and the Rules of the Board.
  • One hour of training on chemical makeup related to hair, skin and nails.
  • One hour of training on environmental issues.
  • One hour of Continuing Education training that provides additional instruction in any of the courses approved by the State of Florida for the purpose of Continuing Education.

How do I know what course I need to complete?

Cosmetologists, Facial specialists, Full Specialists and Nail Technicians must complete 10-hour Cosmetology Continuing Education course prior to the expiration of their license.

Anyone wishing to acquire a cosmetology license must take the 4-hour HIV/AIDs course for initial cosmetology licensure, as part of their cosmetology education requirement. Learn the steps required to acquire a Florida cosmetology license.

Barbers have their own 2-hour HIV/AIDs continuing education course for license renewal. That course is the 2-Hour HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Course for Barbers.

What type of training do I need to meet Florida endorsement requirements?

Before receiving a license of any kind, whether endorsement or traditional, you will need to take and complete a state-approved Initial HIV/AIDS course. The course must be at least 4 hours in length and you must have completed it within two years before your application submission. You will need to submit the course completion certificate along with your application.

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