Hair Braiders

A hair braider is a person licensed to perform weaving or interweaving human hair for compensation without cutting, coloring, permanent waving, relaxing, removing, or chemical treatment and does not include the use of hair extensions or wefts.

A hair braider is required to take the following continuing education to renew their license:

2-Hour HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Course for Hair Braiders, Hair Wrappers, Body Wrappers

This course will cover HIV/AIDS as it applies to the field of cosmetology for hair braiders, wrappers, and body wrappers. Such topics covered include:

  • Modes of transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • Communicable diseases
  • Infection control procedures
  • Prevention of HIV, AIDS, and communicable diseases
  • Appropriate attitudes dealing with clients who may have HIV, AIDS, or a communicable disease.

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